18x24x4 Air Filter

Product Description
Our 18x24x4 air filter is an extended surface pleated filter, which outperforms standard air filters with medium efficiency, and are engineered for lower pressure drop, and long service life, which reduces HVAC equipment maintenance and energy costs. Filter Hut's 18x24x4 air filter is graded to ASHRAE test standards 52.2, which establishes that the air filter will perform as good or better than original brand 18 x 24 x 4 air filter.
  • 18x24x4 nominal size.
  • 17.625x23.625x3.5 actual size.
  • Pleated design.
  • MERV tested to ASHRAE grades.
  • 1475 cfm flow rate.
  • 6 air filters to a case.
Quantity of Filters in Case
Efficiency Rating
Quantity of Cases
$ 65.90 per case