Carbon Odor Block filters utilize two stage filtration technology to remove odors.

Carbon MERV 8 Odor Block removes odors, irritant gases, particulates and dust in some of the most challenging environments. Carbon Odor Block panel filters fit into existing filter housings so fume and odor control is available without costly retrofitting or expensive housings and fans. Carbon Odor Block filters only come in MERV 8 or MERV 10 ratings as noted on the product page.

What makes Carbon Odor Block superior to other carbon filters?

It’s all about Outer Surface Area. Typical indoor gaseous irritants adhere to the outer one millionth of a meter of carbon’s surface. Carbon Odor Block pleated filters incorporate integrated carbon media. This media maximizes Outer Surface Area by reducing the average carbon granule size. It’s like comparing the outer surface area of a basketball to that of thousands of BB’s of the same size and weight. A 1-millimeter granule of carbon becomes one trillion carbon media granules! This increases the outer surface area of that granule from 6 square millimeters to 60,000 square millimeters. These particles adhere to the media fibers through an ultra strong molecular bond and don’t require pore-clogging adhesives. The carbon granules or slurry in traditional carbon filters have most of their “surface area” deep within the pores of the carbon, or Inner Surface Area. In many cases, those pores are clogged by the glue that holds the carbon onto the filter media.

If filtering odors or irritants is a priority to you, then try our Carbon Odor Block air filters. If available for your filter, it will show as an option on that page.