So, you'd like to know who's behind Filter Hut.

Do I sit here and tell you we're a huge corporation? Do I invite you to visit our state-of-the-art all-glass office building? Do I go on and on about our market cap and P/E ratio? Well I can't. In reality we're a pretty small operation. Our office is nothing you'd find on the cover of Fortune magazine. Are these downfalls? I don't believe so. In fact, I believe we're better because of it.

How it all began.

Have you ever been told you couldn't do something so much, that you were left with no other alternative but to go out and do it? Well that's just what we did. And not only that, but we pour our heart into it to do it better than anyone imagined.

One goal in mind.

Did we invent the idea of selling air filters? No, we have plenty of competition. But our goal from the start was to take this existing idea and do it better. In 2007, after a not-so-pleasant personal online shopping experience, we looked at how others were operating in the industry, and saw that it was filled with a lot of user unfriendliness. Don't believe me? Do an internet search for simply filters. Mostly what you'll find are hard to follow websites, outrageous shipping fees, intolerant return policies, and large restocking fees if you do manage a return. Or say you do find a larger site. Any questions you have go into a ticket system while you wait to be bounced around between different departments. These were just a few sore spots of most "customer service" policies. So we formed our business around the following aims, to always offer:

  • better products
  • better user experience
  • better prices
  • and above all, better customer service
But they're just air filters.

Yeah, we've heard this one. Not exactly a buzz-worthy product. But just because you're dealing with a bland product doesn't mean it has to be a bland experience. Proof in point: most of our customers arrive via word of mouth.

Does this plan work?

You bet. Filter Hut has grown to one of the largest online retailers of air filtration products. We still maintain a small company mindset to provide great customer service, but have become large enough to serve the needs of universities, hospitals, office complexes, and many other environments. Check out our Reviews section and our Featured Clients and see for yourself.

Bottom line.

Are we a large corporation? No, we're a family business. Are we a household name? No, not yet. But make no doubt, we're doing everything we can to get there, and that will start and end with satisfied customers - no exceptions. Whether it's a single case of filters for your home unit, or a hundred cases for your business, we look forward to helping you fulfill your air filter needs.