14x20 Honeywell FC40R1110 Air Filter

Product Description
The substitute Honeywell FC40R1110 14x20 return grille air filter is designed to fit existing return grilles. The grille air filter is designed specifically to be compatible with the original manufacturer Honeywell FC40R1110 grille filter part number. This 14x20 Honeywell FC40R1110 grille air filter replacements requires a minimum 3 7/8" duct depth. *Name brands are listed for filter replacement identification purposes only.
  • 14 x 20 x 0 nominal size.
  • 13 3/4" x 19 3/4" x 3 3/4" actual size.
  • Accumulair brand. Engineered to replace the name brand FC40R1110 return grille air filter.
  • Designed to fit existing Honeywell model FC40R/
  • MERV classified to ASHRAE classifications.
  • 5 return air grille filters to a case.
Quantity of Filters in Case
Efficiency Rating
Quantity of Cases
$ 154.90 per case