20x25x5 Ultravation Photronic SBL: 92-013, 92-014, 92-015 Housing Air Filter

Product Description
Filter Hut 20x25x5 Ultravation substitute air filters are specifically engineered to install in the name brand Photronic SBL: 92-013, 92-014, 92-015 housing. Our filters are MERV classified to ASHRAE 52.2 test classifications assuring that our air filters will capture particulate as good or better than the original manufacturer Ultravation air filter. Our filters also come in Odorban odor filtering carbon-infused material. *Name brands are used for filter substitution identification purposes only.
  • 20 x 25 x 5 nominal size
  • 19-1/2 x 24 x 4-3/4 actual size
  • Installs in Ultravation housing part number: Photronic SBL: 92-013, 92-014, 92-015
  • Quality Filters Envaero brand
  • Designed to fit the name brand housing
  • Preassembled in frame for ease of installation. (Non-expandable, no end caps needed, etc.)
  • MERV tested to ASHRAE ratings
  • Available in OdorBan odor eliminating carbon-infused properties
  • 2 filters per case
Quantity of Filters in Case
Efficiency Rating
Quantity of Cases
$ 56.90 per case