24x24x25 Bag Filter

Quantity of Filters per Case: 4
Efficiency Rating: MERV 11
Pocket Count: 6
$ 156.90


Actual face dimensions: 5/8 inch less than listed size. Header thickness is 13/16 inches. MERV 9 is white. MERV 11 is orange. MERV 13 is pink. MERV 15 is yellow. These 24x24x25 bag filters contain synthetic filter material for high efficiency filtration. Filter Hut's 24x24x25 bag filter is non-carcinogenic and resistant to abrasion, moisture and microbial growth. Every 24x24x25 bag filter has seals made of adhesive around each pocket and inside the header, giving tremendous resistance to blow-out. Moisture and microbial growth-resistant. Conforms to ASHRAE 52.2 standards. Rated under U.L. standard 900. Rated to 160 F degrees. Database and 24x24x25 bag filter specs last updated on 03/24/2020.

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